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Sumerian Records Celebrates 10 Years With NYC

Sumerian Records celebrates its tenth birthday with it’s label veterans Born Of Osiris, Veil of Maya, After the Burial, Erra, and the label’s new comers – Bad Omens. The tour recently made its way to NYC and absolutely destroyed The Gramercy Theater. Bad Omens is a new breed of dark, sounding a bit like a heavier take on what Bring Me The Horizon was doing two years ago. With only two song releases under their belt, the band opened the night in a bold way; with sing-a-long chorus’ and all.

Erra took the stage next, after an insane 6 song set. The band announced in October that Ian (the previous vocalist) would soon be parting ways with the band. Erra fans were naturally skeptical of a newcomer but after ending the set with Hybrid Earth, NYC fans had a change of heart and the new vocalist wass proudly welcomed into the Erra family. 

After the Burial shook the venue next as they began their set with their latest single, “Lost In The Static,” a clear promise that even after five studio albums the band hasn’t lost any momentum. ATB took fans on a brief tour of the band’s discography while the venue erupted in chaos. Veil of Maya, who released their massively successful new album Mikasa (also with a new vocalist), managed to reimagine their sound completely. The insane vocals brought forth by Lukas Magyar are a combination of dynamic guttural screams Veil of Maya fans are used to, but now with equally impressive cleans.

Finally, Born Of Osiris hit the stage. The dual vocalist headliners brought everything you could want, playing songs from the native Discovery album, all the way to newer breathtaking ones like “The Sleeping and the Dead”. The band ended the chaotic Sumerian night with a powerful performance of “Illuminate” and left the stage with a proud “Thank You.” With only a few seconds passing and fans in an uproar asking for another song, Born Of Osiris refused to disappoint and took the stage one final time with “Follow The Signs.” The crowd became violent and went into an insane cluster of energy. Check out some of the photos we got throughout the night!

Words and Photos By Christian Lawerence


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