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Andrea Nardello Announces New EP

Folk/rock singer-songwriter Andrea Nardello, who has won numerous awards including the Philadelphia Songwriter’s Project Contest and WSTW’s Folk Song Of The Year for her track “Home to Me,” has announced the release of her new EP, Fire, for April 15th. According to Andrea, the new EP “is the type that you listen to on a long drive when you have time to think” with lyrics that are “very raw and honest.”

Andrea Nardell0 has been compared to Melissa Etheridge with her confessional songwriting style which explores love, relationships, and life. Her influence draws from folk, rock soul, and even hip-hop, and is sure to please fans looking for authentic songwriting.

Be sure to check out Fire when it drops in April!


Track listing
1. Fire
2. Leave The Light On
3. F**k It
4. August Nights
5. Hope For Better Days
6. Make It Hurt Less
7. When The Darkness Comes

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