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Roanoke Announces Self-Titled Debut Album

Nashville-based Americana/folk band Roanoke has announced their debut self-titled album, set to be released on May 13. Roanoke is an album filled with vintage tunes with a touch of the modern and songs of “relatable, real-life tales of struggles, adventure, love, and heartbreak.” According to the band, the album “was crafted by us to be as evocative as possible” from “the harmonies to the instrumentation.” It is sure to please fans looking for sounds rooted in the authentic, americana folk scene. If you’re fatigued by the state of the modern music scene, the sounds of Roanoke is sure to bring you back to a time of good old fashioned values.

Roanoke is an up and coming band lead by Joey Beesley and Taylor Dupuis whose sound evokes the influence of bands such as The Lumineers, The Civil Wars, and The Head and the Heart. They combine their vocals with a backing band of banjo, drums, harmonica, and mandolin to create a rich tapestry of harmonies exploring love, heartbreak, and storytelling. 

While you wait for the self-titled debut to drop, watch a live video of “Heavy Goodbyes” from the album right below!

Track listing:
1. Jordan
2. The Light
3. This Love
4. Without You
5. Heavy Goodbyes
6. Interlude/Mountain Man
7. Trouble
8. Losing You
9. Makeup
10. Red and Gold
11. Never Gonna Love Again

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