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Me Like Bees in Cleveland

Me Like Bees brought on the musical jam vibes that I have been waiting to hear from a band since the emergence of this sub-genre three years ago. For first time listeners, Me Like Bees was a breath of fresh air in a seemingly over-saturated market of copy cat bands.

Me Like Bees made a couple runs recently with Never Shout Never on their most recent tour, the Black Cat tour with supporting bands Metro Station, Jule Vera, and Waterparks. Being the first band to play, the original turn out was low, but by midset the line had shortened outside and most were inside the venue head-bobbing and getting into the indie-rock band.

The band brought groovy guitar tones, powerful verses, and and vocals unlike things you would ever expect resembling a more emo/WATERMEDOWN voice pattern with the combination of emotion-evoking shakiness and power on the yelled parts in the songs. Songs like “The Ides” give off a dancy vibe while songs like “Pneumonia” give off a more chill vibe. Overall, their performance won the skeptical crowd’s hearts over with their ability to cover all types of moods. If you have the chance to see this band on tour, make sure you do not sleep on them.



Mar 05 – Fayetteville, AR US @Smoke and Barrel

Mar 16 – Austin, TX US @ Shangri La

Mar 18 – Austin, TX US @ 21st Street Coop

Mar 19 – Austin, TX US @ Blind Pig Pub

Mar 25 -Wichita, KS US @ The Shamrock

Mar 26 – Stillwater, OK US @ Stonewall Tavern

Me Like Bees: Website // Facebook // Twitter


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