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She Must Burn – EP Review


She Must Burn released their debut self-titled EP on January 29 via Artery Recordings. The female fronted band from London released six tracks- all of which are incredibly unique in their own ways, yet familiar to those who enjoy black metal/metalcore. The track, “Possessed,” is one of my favorites for its mix of dark sounding screams and clean vocals, as well as “The Misery,” which adds whispers and even piano into the mix. Anything can happen. “Into Light,” the fourth track, progresses from relieving clean vocals against strings, and crashes into brutal vocals that their label’s bands are known for.

Listeners can expect to hear a unique British sound as well, which I feel makes them stand out yet fit in very nicely among the groups signed to Artery Recordings, such as iwrestledabearonce and Upon This Dawning. I believe this release will attract a great deal of metal lovers to this band, and I would definitely love to see them play with those bands.

She Must Burn consists of Joseph Sinclair, (vocals) Aimy Miller, (keys/vocals) JamesThreadwell, (guitar) Jonny Davies, (guitar) Frankie Keating, (bass) and Daniel Ristic.(drums)

Track List:

1. Ascension
2. Possessed
3. The Misery
4. Into Light
5. Wish To Exist
6. Eclipse

Rating: 8/10

She Must Burn’s  new release is available on iTunes, and more information about the band can be found below!

She Must Burn: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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