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Jack’s Mannequin Brings Santa Ana Into The Airwaves

A Tuesday night in Orange County may seem quiet to most, unless you were at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California on February 16. The lines for will call stretched well across the parking lot as hundreds on fans waited to pick up their tickets for the highly anticipated and sold out Jack’s Mannequin reunion concert. Jack’s Mannequin has been on tour for the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Everything in Transit, since the end of December.

Jack’s Mannequin originally formed in 2005 after the the band Something Corporate decided to go their own ways. Andrew McMahon (lead vocals and piano) formed the new project with help from Bobby “Raw” Anderson (guitar/backup vocals), Jay McMillian (drums/percussion), and Jonathan Sullivan (bass). The band went separate ways in 2012 after releasing three albums. Though the band was no longer together, Andrew continued to perform Jack’s songs during his concerts as a solo artist and with his newest project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, always getting more than positive feedback from the audience as he performed.

When word got out that Jack’s Mannequin would be coming back together for a reunion tour, shows quickly began to sell out nation wide. The Santa Ana show wasn’t even on the original list of concerts to be played, but it sold out almost as quickly as it was announced. It seemed right that the Orange County band would end where they really began, which made the night even more special.

The night unfortunately began on a not so high note. Andrew’s “Frankenstein” piano was having some technical issues, which took around 30 minutes to fix, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind as the excitement in the room was electric as soon as the doors opened. When Andrew and the rest of the band took stage (founding members Bobby Anderson and Jay McMillan with the addition of Mikey Wagner on bass and Zac Clark) the crowd went absolutely crazy. The band began the show by playing a handful select songs from their later albums before playing Everything in Transit from beginning to end flawlessly. To say that every fan in the crowd was amazed by the night’s performance would be an understatement. During the second to last song of the night, one line says “that the world would look like this forever” and Andrew took that to heart as he lovingly gazed out and pointed across the audience. It was for sure a night that no one, audience or band member, would forget.

Written by Michelle Soares. Photos by Anthony Duty.


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