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Night Argent Announces Self-Titled EP

Washington state natives, Night Argent, just recently announced they would be releasing their self-titled EP.

Night Argent is set for release on April 22, an exciting addition to the new year, especially after a jam-packed 2015 full of touring and signing to Outerloop Management. The 2016 release features five original tracks from the band, including a bonus never-before-heard deconstructed version of their hit singunnamed.jpgle “Nothing More Beautiful.”Meanwhile, the EP is available for pre-order on iTunes!

Track listing
1. Nothing More Beautiful
2. Comet (Light It Up)
3. The Towers
4. Kamikaze
5. Widowmaker
Bonus Track: Nothing More Beautiful (Deconstructed)

Chase Manhattan from Night Argent had this to say about the upcoming release, “When we set out to write and record our debut EP, we wanted to create music that would resonate with people from all walks of life. We spent the better part of a year touring the U.S. playing the songs for as many people as we could, and as we experienced those moments, we were able to feel the energy and response from the crowd. It influenced how the songs came to life in the studio. We took those unique moments that would happen spontaneously on stage and incorporated them into the finished songs. We are beyond excited to finally be able to share these songs with all of the friends and fans we’ve made along the way..”

With the announcement, the band also released a stunning video stream of their infectious track, “Widowmaker.”

For more information, check out Night Argent’s social media!

Night ArgentWebsite // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Instagram


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