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My Body Sings Electric Stream EP

With their EP to release tomorrow, My Body Sings Electric gave fans a great gift and opportunity by streaming their entire EP a day early!

In tandem with AllMusic, My Body Sings Electric brings listeners the exclusive stream of their latest EP, The Franklin Tapes: Side B. “These songs represent the intersection of how we live and how others feel we should be living,” wrote drummer Ben Scarboro. “They are the pinnacle of our transgressions against society’s ‘norm’ and possibly even what we expect of ourselves.”

The 3 track collection on The Franklin Tapes: Side B, shows off the Denver grown indie/alternative trio’s style and fantastic lyrical content. It varies unnamed.jpgwidely in eclectic sounds and instrumentals between the three tracks, which makes the EP feel full of life!

Track listing:
1. Don’t Wake Me Up
2. This Is Not A Dream
3. Everybody Is Dead

The band had this to say about the EP: “For [Franklin Tapes] we decided to completely disrupt the way we had done things in the past…it was honestly time to uproot and change the way we had been doing things over past six years. We really wanted this release to sound honest. The whole group erased any thought of writing for a specific sound. The songs aren’t trying to be anything, they just are what they are. We like the rawness that resulted from that change of perspective.”

You can check out The Franklin Tapes: Side A streaming here on Halfbeat, or head over to AllMusic to check out the exclusive stream of The Franklin Tapes: Side B – and get amped for the release tomorrow!

For more info, check out their social media plugs!

My Body Sings ElectricWebsite // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // SoundCloud


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