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Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars Stream Album Early

We covered Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars a few weeks ago here with the announcement and sharing of their track, “Understand.”

The California based Anton Kellner and his band make up the moniker “Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars” who are debuting their sophomore album with a ton of anticipation tomorrow, and the title-track we covered previously came straight off of the upcoming album!

However, Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars partnered with Exclaim! to give fans an exclusive first listen and stream of Understand! To stream the album in full until it’s release tomorrow, check out the article on Exclaim! which you should definitely be doing, because this album is alternative-folk/americana dreamland.

The songs off of Understand are homegrown, vulnerable and emotionally driven folk songs that build through a hefty foundation of heart-wrenching lyrics and the gentle crashing waves of melody and sound.

Anton Kellner had this to say about the album, “Understand is a dark journey into the unknown. A diary of sorts, tying together strands of daily struggles and emotions but from the outside – in…For once, nothing that I have written on this album is personal. They are all separate stories about real people and their drastic situations that I have witnessed over the years. This album was written entirely by me. No collaborations, no special guests. We took a lot of risks with it, and dared to step into stories that were outside our comfort level. We are very proud of the end result, and truly believe that this is simply “our album.”

For more info, the social media plugs are below!

Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube


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