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Like Pacific – Distant Like You Asked Review

Canadian punk group Like Pacific is making a swift and powerful return in 2016 with their upcoming album, Distant Like You Asked.

Punk anthem, Distant Like You Asked, is a heavy-hitting, instrumentally aggressive, and lyrically demanding album. Set for release today, February 19th, the album is following several EP releases and years of work. Produced and engineered by Sam Guaiana at Room 21 Sound in Toronto, the new album is a bold creation sure to excite listeners.

Like Pacific consists of Jordan Black (Vocals), Chris Thaung (Bass), Dylan Burnett (Guitar), Cam Ward (Guitar), and Dillon Forret (Drums).

The brash, emotion infused 10 track album is the culmination of years of growth, determination and hard work. “This record is like a culmination of all our previous releases,” says Thaung, “Sam really pushed us to our limits and because of that, he really brought out the best of us in this record. We’ve definitely grown a lot and I think Distant Like You Asked is a perfect way of showcasing where we are currently (and where we’d like to go) as a band.”
Distant Like You Asked Track List:
1. Richmond
2. Distant
3. Worthless Case
4. Assisted Breathing
5. 22a
6. Commitment
7. Hang
8. Chine Drive
9. Dim
10. Scarred

Like Pacific’s maturity and passion is most clear on tracks like “Worthless Case,” and the namesake, “Distant.” On “Worthless Case,” singer, Jordan Black had this to say, “I wrote this song about how I put genuine time and effort into getting to know someone, and after 3 months of being ‘just friends,’ I felt worthless and wondered how many times they had done this before.”

Rating: 8/10

The album is available for purchase on iTunes, and for more info on the band check out their links below.

Like Pacific: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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