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Columbus Has One Love: Marianas Trench

This past week, Marianas Trench made a highly anticipated appearance at the Newport Music Hall on February 8th, jumping right into their set and pulling elements from a vast array of genres like Broadway, 80s rock n’ roll, and electronica. The fans blew up as the band perfectly played the seven minute song “Astoria” in its entirety. Following with “Yesterday,” the band gave their all, presenting a different vision of the 80s in their wardrobe. Frontman, Josh Ramsay, was the most dramatic looking of them all, pulling clearly from a Iggy Pop/Bowie inspiration. He pranced around the stage giving a bright, dynamic show of lights and pop music and dancing.

The crowd clapped and chanted along to “Celebrity Status” and sang right into their dance number, “Burning Up,” which showed Ramsay’s incredible vocal range. His performance seemed effortless as he sung and danced with the crowd, without missing a breath.

The band continued on into the night, playing popular songs like “Who Do You Love,” “All to Myself,” “Desperate Measures,” and more crowd oriented songs like “Stutter.” Slowing it down by playing “One Love,” an emotional ballad song that displays a story-like plot ending on a high note, figuratively and literally.

The band picked up their sets with songs “Shut Up and Kiss Me,” paying tribute to a similar sounding Jackson 5 song. Finishing out the main set with “Cross My Heart,” fans danced around, screaming the words back at the band as they jumped around the stage, using the fans final energy to end the show with a bang.

The crowd begged for more after Marianas Trench exited the stage. Keeping a steady roll of screams going, asking the band for another song, the fans continued until Ramsay reentered the stage area alone to perform “Good to You.” The rest of the band joined shortly after, playing one of their highest energy songs, “Haven’t Had Enough,” and finishing out the night with the theatrical song, “End Of An Era.”


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