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Interview with Hunter Valentine

Halfbeat Magazine had the awesome opportunity to chat with Laura Petracca, drummer for all girl rock group Hunter Valentine. 

We previously reviewed Hunter Valentine’s recent release, The Pledge, and Laura gave us some more insight on the EP, the band, and their plans for their upcoming hiatus. Check it out!

Halfbeat — What made you want to begin your journey with music?

Laura Petracca — Music has always been apart of my life. I was surrounded by drummers growing up and lived next door to a music teacher that always needed a drummer. Music chose me, I just decided to give in.

Halfbeat — Hunter Valentine has an impressive resumé, but what have been your most interesting/favorite memories?

LP — There have been so many moments it’s hard to even chose. One in particular was getting to open for Cyndi Lauper, on two full national tours. She has been such an inspiration and has also given us many opportunities like playing in Tokyo for the Summersonic music festival, and having Kiyomi and I play with her for the lighting of the tree at NBC’s Rockefeller Center.

Halfbeat — An all female rock group is definitely empowering, something that the listener can definitely feel in your music. How has this lineup inspired you?

LP — The musicians in Hunter Valentine are gutsy, passionate, gritty, punk rock nasty, hardcore badasses that don’t give a fuck, and really amazing at what they do… need I say more? 

Halfbeat — What was it like being on reality TV?

LP — Being on The Real L Word gave HV an opportunity to show what it’s actually like to be in a rock band and to be touring, the hard ships of band relationships, what the road can do to you and just generally how tough it can be. Of course it also focussed on our personal lives… it’s reality television, sex and love is a must. The Linda Perry Project was hard. It was 24/7 and shot remotely. It challenged us as musicians, personally and emotionally. I definitely felt different after filming was wrapped. We went through another band change up but this time on National TV. One of the hardest break ups of my life.

Halfbeat — What would you say inspired The Pledge?

LP — This album took us more than a year to craft. We wrote around 20 songs with many different musicians and decided to choose the 6 strongest songs, end with a bang so to speak. 

Halfbeat — So, a hiatus for now, What plans are you looking most forward to with this time ahead of you?

LP — We will be playing one off festival this year, so there is that to look forward to. Individually, Kiyomi and Lisa have a project together so they will be having something new for you… Leanne is continuing playing music with other bands and just being badass. I am going to focus on food/cooking, my other passion.We want to thank Laura, and Hunter Valentine, for speaking with us, and hope this answered a few of our reader’s questions as well. 

For more information, check out our previous articles on Hunter Valentine, or some of their social media below.
Hunter Valentine: Website // Twitter // Facebook

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