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Hands Like Houses – Dissonants Review

Hands Like Houses is gearing up to release Dissonants via Rise Records on February 26th. The third studio album has been highly anticipated, and here at Halfbeat, we’ve had the awesome opportunity to review Dissonants in full – the album is definitely one you do not want to miss.

Hands Like Houses released their first studio album, Ground Dweller, back in 2012 with much interest from listeners. They quickly accrued a passionate fan base and released their sophomore album in 2013, Unimagine. Almost three years later, Dissonants will join the powerhouse collective of albums that Hands Like Houses has masterfully created.

Dissonants remains true to the bands current status quo: powerful, hard hitting, and well written lyrics, intense and intricate instrumentals, and passion. However, this album also shows huge amounts of growth for the group – and you can hear Hands Like Houses trying (and succeeding) at creating new sounds for listeners to get stoked about.

Songs that had been released in preparation including, “I Am,” and, “New Romantics,” were perfect singles to amp up listeners in what they should be expecting. While, the new album features 12 tracks, each with the same clear thread line, but a different sound and experience in each track. The long awaited album is definitely going to be one of the most hard-hitting, and heart felt albums of the winter/spring album releases. Our personal favorite tracks to look out for are, “Motion Sickness,” and “Momentary.”

Filled with instrumental intricacy, powerful lyrics and overall bad-assery, Dissonants is an album you definitely do not want to skip out on.

Rating: 9/10

Hands Like Houses: Website // Twitter // Facebook


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