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LIONS LIONS Release “Winter” Music Video

We first talked about LIONS LIONS back in October, in our article here – but they’ve just recently teamed up with Alternative Press to release a music video!

The band recently released a stellar music video for their single, “Winter.” The song was produced by Chris Piquette of Trophy Wives at No Boundaries Studios and the dance-fueled video was directed by Julian Mazzola and Lions Lions guitarist Brandon Davis.

Check out the video below!

“In comparison to some of our older material, ‘Winter’ is quite different,” says Davis. “As the primary song writer for Lions Lions, I tend to focus on writing energetic yet melodic chord progressions to allow Josh to sing catchy melodies over. With ‘Winter,’ Although the song carries some decent energy, that was not my ultimate goal. I went into creating this song with one thing in mind, being as groovy as possible. I am very happy how it came out. I feel that I successfully reached my inner groove.”

For more information, hit up some of their links!

LIONS LIONS: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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