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Alvarez Kings & Your EDM Release Remix

Alvarez Kings are using 2016 as a vantage point of dream achieving and goal setting. Besides recently announcing their tour with Melanie Martinez, which we posted about here, they also just worked with Your EDM to remix one of their singles, “Run From You.”

Produced by Blake Harnage (PVRIS/ VersaEmerge), the reworked track is smooth and transcendent in sound, using lyric to only further the haunting beat.

While Your EDM had this to say about the mix, “The pizzicato and string elements inject an occult sensation into the mix, and the overlapping synth lines scream of an 80’s themed feature film. Picture a midnight trek through the forest, clouds parting around a gibbous moon, the air thick with professions of love – this remix effortlessly captures a feeling and explores it to the core.”

Check out the remix below.

Alvarez Kings: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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