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Janet Devlin Stellar Cover EP, Duvet Daze

Singer/Songwriter Janet Devlin recently worked with Ok!Good Records to release her covers EP, Duvet Daze. The EP is a tiny, but wonderful collection of cover songs from some of Janet’s favorite artists including Ed Sheeran, Duran Duran, and 10cc.

Her organic, earthy, and sweet, melodic voice allows each song it’s own space to exist and flow. The EP is a soothing and easy listen, one readers should be excited about.

JD- Duvet_Daze_Cover_Art_1500

The North American release of Duvet Daze also features an alternate version of fan-favorite, “Whisky Lullabies,” recorded entirely in the Irish Gaelic language entitled, “Suantraí Meisciúil.”

Janet had this to say about choosing to re-work her song into Gaelic, “As ‘Whisky Lullabies’ is my favorite song from Running With Scissors I thought I’d put a different spin on it. I wanted to re-record the track in Gaelic; “Suantraí Meisciúil,” as I love the different vowels and sounds of the Irish language. With some help from Davy Spillane on the low whistle I was also able to add a more Celtic feel to the backing track.”

JD Promo 2.jpg

Duvet Daze is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It is also available for streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. I See Fire [Ed Sheeran Cover]
2. I’m Not In Love [10cc Cover]
3. Wrecking Ball (Live at A&B2) [Miley Cyrus Cover]
4. Ordinary World [Duran Duran Cover]
5. Suantraí Meisciúil (Whisky Lullabies)

Janet Devlin: Website // Facebook // Twitter


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