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Letlive. Frontman Launches Product Line

Jason Aalon Butler has started a new venture apart from being the frontman of band letlive.

“The only way to truly endorse something, is to create it yourself,” a part of the mantra that Jason Aalon Butler stands by with his company G.I.R.L., an acronym for Gentlemen In Real Life. The idea is staying true to the updating of what the world perceives as a “gentleman.”

G.I.R.L. prides itself in taking the extra step to do what’s right and give everyone a chance to be a part of it. “I’ve always been interested in the way of the gentleman. It seems that this unspoken code and lifestyle has an interestingly malleable quality and can be applied to people of all different walks of life. The commonality we share as Gentlemen (or Gentlewomen) is our interest in a sense of exception,” Butler explains. “I found this to be glaringly clear as I grew more mature and began to learn more about myself and the way I operate as a man. I then began to take notice of those around me striving for the same things through different avenues. These people were my family and friends. They were people I’ve met on my own journey over the years. They were also the people I supported in their endeavors and purchased my own goods from.”Butler continues, “Sometime in the ides of March 2014, I was struck with a realization of how many of these people I look up to are people much like myself, and people I could share my vision of G.I.R.L. with.”

Previously only available on letlive.’s tour, G.I.R.L. launched their products online and every Friday for the month of January, the line will be unveiling new products such as t-shirts, soaps, and leather goods. The brand started off with hair and beard oil and is eager to be expanding!

“This is only the beginning. Essentially this company will expand the exact way it began, organically with people I respect and adore in their respective craft. This means almost anything is possible as long as it aligns with our mantra” said Butler.

Checkout the website for yourself here.


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