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NJ Local: Hiding Out Not To Be Missed

A stellar sneak peek of a new music video from New Jersey locals, Hiding Out, appeared on their social media early last week. “Light Me Up”is a single off of Hiding Out’s upcoming album, VENA CAVA – something we at Halfbeat are highly anticipating.

To start things off with a bang, the band released, “Light Me Up,” as a music video, and it’s definitely something to be excited for. The video, shot and directed by Scott B. Siracusano, gives “Light Me Up,” the echo of reminiscence that lingers in each hollowed out lyric. The track has instrumentals to get stoked about and lyrics to fall in love with (or use on your latest selfie). Energetic and eclectic, Hiding Out is a band you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

Check out the video below.

Take a peek at their social media for more cool stuff.

Hiding Out: Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram


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