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The Seige Releases Music Video

Emerging MC, The Seige, has graced the West Coast with a fresh, new, and commanding talent that listeners should be excited about – and he just released a new video.

The Seige, aka, Taz Conley, is a Midwest native who relocated to L.A. to create music – with his signature blend of hip hop sound. The Seige is inspired by politics and current events and his biggest goal is to get people to believe in hip-hop again. To do that, he has devoted himself to bringing something fresh to the table.

The Seige has partnered with Uproxx’s Smoking Section to unveil the video for his latest single, “Natalie Portman,” featuring producer/DJ trio, Cheat Codes. The track blends juxtaposing genres crafting an anthem rebellion song – but it’s The Seige’s lyrical flow over the driving Irish/Celtic guitar riff and pulsating drums that truly gives it something special.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song Taz explains that it’s a message to everyone in the world. He says, “…we don’t have to conform or do what is expected of us just because society says so. What you feel in your heart is always the right decision.”

When talking about the video, Taz shares, “I love the scenes in the video where myself and our female actor, who is also African American, embrace the other actors, who are white, lovingly and with passion. It sends an extremely deep message to the viewer that color doesn’t matter. When it’s time to fight for what we believe in, we’re all brothers and sisters. We didn’t sit down to write a charged up song about rioting in the streets, we just opened up ourselves to the universe and let it take us wherever it wanted us to go. That’s how it should happen every time.”

Watch, “Natalie Portman,” here.

The Seige: Facebook | Twitter


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