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The Rocket Summer Announce New Album, “ZOETIC”

Photo Credit: Braverijah Gregg


The Rocket Summer announced today that their new album, Zoetic, will be out on February 26th on Aviate Records. “I basically fell in love with music all over again, like I had when I was first learning to play,” says Bryce Avary. He continues, “My only mission was to be as creative as possible, and to push myself further than ever.”

“The word ‘zoetic’ is defined as ‘of or relating to life. Living, vital, alive’… which to me is how this album sounds and feels,” he explains. “I didn’t want to make a sappy record,” he continues. “I wanted to make a record that sounds like bombs going off, because that’s what my mind felt like.”

And with that Zoetic was born and is available for  pre-order now! Also be sure to check out the video for Same Air, below!


Zoetic Track listing:

1. Cold War
2. Same Air
3. UNI
4. Help Me Out
5. Get Over It
6. White Fireworks
7. You Are, You Are
8. FL, CA
9. Rule of Thirds Kind of Life
10. Sharks
11. Emergency Landings


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