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While the rest of us were worrying about the past holiday season, ART OF DYING was making their return. On December 11th, the band reemerged from the ashes with their newest album, Rise Up. Quite the namesake for an album that features 13 heavy hitting, pure rock tracks. Rise Up is said to be the closest they’ve come to achieving the sound and direction they’ve wanted for their group.

ART OF DYING has gone through many transformations since their formation in 2004 – working their asses off until Disturbed members, David Draiman and Dan Donegan signed them to their label Reprise Records and Intoxication Records. Since then, the only existing member is lead singer Jonny Hetherington, who debuted his newer members while on tour with Disturbed, Jeff Brown (drums), Cale Gontier (bass), and Tavis Stanley (guitar).

Each track is mirror with hard, winding instrumentals and riffs. The vocals range from hammering, to a subtle waning – one that asks for the push against the daily grind. The lyrics are exploring material that commits heavily to overcoming adversity and managing personal struggles against opposition.

The band had this to say about Rise Up, “We pushed ourselves incredibly hard with this record,” explains Stanley. “We went to the studio with our producer David Bendeth (Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, Of Mice & Men) thinking we had the album pretty much done, but he challenged us far beyond where we thought our limits were.”

“In fact, a lot of the lyrical content on this album is about the idea of overcoming adversity,” continues Hetherington. “About taking yourself beyond where you thought you could go… about proving the naysayers wrong. Take the opening track “Best Won’t Do” for example, it’s basically a conversation between me and the son-of-a-bitch who’s telling me I can’t do what I set my mind to!”

Rise Up is definitely an album for the believers and diehards, interested in what rock has to offer up to us. Check out the album on iTunes for your own listen!


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