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Cartel Announces Acoustic Album

Cartel just spent the last year celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their album, Chroma. Now they’re back with more exciting news for fans.

Enter in Bare Essentials, an 11-track acoustic album featuring some of the band’s most well-known tracks. The record was completed by the band’s long-time friends and producers, Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, who recorded Chroma and the band’s self-titled records.

The record is available for pre-order on iTunes for $7.99 and includes an instant download of “If I Fail.” The full album will be available for sale on iTunes next Monday, 12/21, for $9.99. Matching acoustic videos for each song will be available for purchase and download as well.

Cartel also announced they will be playing a special acoustic show in Atlanta, Georgia as their final show of 2015. The show, located at Eddies Attic, will be on December 23rd and is followed by a string of sold out venues in the new year. In addition, their long-awaited band-approved edition Chroma on vinyl via Field Day Records was released to popular demand.

Check out links down below for more information!

Cartel: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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