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Pickles Debuts From 4th & Goal

4th and Goal has recently released a music video for their song, “Pickles.”

The easycore reviving band debuted the video on AbsolutePunk, and follows a young cucumber’s comedic journey to find self-acceptance in a world where he is considered a “lesser” condiment.

The saga was filmed and edited by one of the band’s vocalists, Sam Ionsio. While the group’s other vocalist Mocho says:

“This song fully reflects the spirit 4th ‘N Goal. We like to talk about everything in our songs and this time we decided to dedicate a track to the life of cucumbers. When we order a hamburger we all know that we will find a pickle inside, but it’s only after we ordered it that we tear it out. It’s a song about honesty and struggle and food, of course. The video is totally DIY. Sam did an awesome work, and we’re really excited about the result.”

4th and Goal just signed onto Sliptrick Records, and released their newest EP, Turn On The Light – SUPREME Edition, a deluxe version of their last release.

Check out the music video for, “Pickles,” here.

Feel free to take a peek at 4th and Goal’s social media below!

Facebook | Website



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