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Sleeping with Sirens Liked it Loud in Cleveland

Sleeping with Sirens got to hang with Cleveland OH this past month with Neck Deep and All Time Low.

Neck Deep kicked off the Cleveland date of the Back to the Future Hearts Tour with their high-energy pop-punk that staged dived into the crowd with the opening of their first song, “Citizens of the Earth”. “Losing Teeth” was a shoe-in to follow. The crowd cheered at the band as they played their seven song set list covering all ranges of their music, including their soft side by playing, “A Part of Me”. Rounding out the night with a crowd favorite “What Did You Expect?”. Neck Deep started off the tour into a great start that Sleeping With Sirens would come to follow.


Following a great act back Neck Deep, Sleeping with Sirens came out with a bang by playing their latest hit “Kick Me”. The metal-core band showed it was trying to stay true to their roots while also growing with their now 6-year-old fanbase. “Do It Now, Remember it Later” blared through the speakers next. The crowd erupted into lyrics in a nostalgic excitement as the band played along. The enthusiasm of the band didn’t fade as it went through its setlist playing songs like “Tally It Up, Settle the Score”, “The Strays”, and “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear”. To finally finish out the night strong the crowd played “If You Can’t Hang”, as everyone wanted. The band showed a bit of everything that they have grown into.  If clear to see they still have so much more to offer.


Headliners of the Back To the Future Hearts Tour, All Time Low, entered from the sides of the stages. Opening with Satellites as they did on the past Future Hearts Tour the crowd rippled with commotion and screaming as the members emerged. Kicking off the tour with a banger like Kicking & Screaming set the band of for a show that they promised wouldn’t be forgotten. All Time Low found their place in the scene with the album Put Up or Shut Up and since then the ever loyal fanbase, (Hustlers), have seen them transform into something far beyond what anyone would have expected from the angsty teenage band they were back in 2006. The opening song brought the band back to their one of their most popular albums “Nothing Personal” with “Lost in Stereo”. Following up with songs like “Backseat Serenenade”, and “Weightless”, All Time Low reeled in the crowd and slowed it down with acoustic songs, “Cinderblock Garden” and the ever-famous “Rememberig Sunday”. The acoustics songs reminded the crowd why we fell in love with All Time Low’s sound so many years ago and it was a refreshing change in pace for the set and uinishing out the slower side of the set with “Therapy”. Al Time Low finished their set with fan-favorites, “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Dear Maria, Count Me In”. The older crowed screamed the words of Dear Maria just as they always have at their concerts, and the obvious new fans in the crowd filled with emotion as they sang along to the words that they had only previously heard digitally recorded. It was a night no fan of All Time Low would soon forget after the confetti burst and the crowd exploded with cheer.



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