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Artist to Watch: Jack Conman

Vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Jack Conman just recently released a video for his new single, “Misty Central.”

Jack, from the UK, is just 18 years old, and has already been drumming up plenty of success for himself and his music. Hooking himself up with gigs around Yorkshire and more, Jack was also able to play a sold out date in Hull. Conman also found his way into a support slot for percussive guitarist Jon Gomm in Norwich. He’s playing a handful of gigs throughout November.

Jack had this to say about his inspirations for the new single, “Misty Central,”

 “The song is about getting into a relationship where it just sort of happens and progresses into a grey area where there hasn’t been a discussion of what the relationship actually is and who you are to each other. I think a fair few people have been in this situation. It’s like you’re just waiting for each other to confirm what the hell is going on. It’s a place I call Misty Central.”

Conman also talked about his work with Warren Records and PRS Foundation, and how it has helped his career, saying: “Thanks to the support from PRS Foundation and Warren Records I have finally managed to establish myself as an artist with this debut single. Having them on board meant we could produce this single, video and artwork and have great support with the direction of my music.”

Check out the video here, and check out Jack Conman’s websites for more information below.



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