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The Garden Never Fails to Impress

On October 10th, The Garden released their newest album, Haha.

The new release was produced by Burger and Epitaph Records. This is the West Coast duo’s follow up to their debut LP The Life and Times of a Paperclip. The Garden represents the young punk scene in California with their DIY beliefs and minimalist two piece bass and drums setup. Haha offers a glimpse into The Garden’s exploration of electro-punk and its endless anarchy.

They’ve stripped everything “unnecessary” from modern punk, getting straight to the heart of it, and exploring their ‘Vada Vada’ philosophy. Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, aka The Garden, explain “Vada Vad”a as this, “an idea that represents pure creative expression that disregards all previously made genres and ideals.”

It would seem that the seventeen track LP, Haha is definitely encompassing their self-made definition of “Vada Vada.” Not to mention, what a perfect album for this close to Halloween. Each track exudes a punk edge that feels barren and full of angst. This should be a punk must listen for readers, an exciting sophomore album for The Garden, by far.

The Garden also played a handful of local dates in California in support of the Haha release.

Check out their Facebook for more information, or take a peek at some of the music videos from Haha.

“All Smiles Over Here : )” 



Haha is available for purchase on CD and Vinyl on, as well as digital right on iTunes.


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