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Josh Miller – From Within EP Review

Photo: Red Beard Photography

Local singer-songwriter Josh Miller has released a 4 song EP highlighting his subtle and classic style.  Engineered, mastered, and mixed by Darla Hood Productions, the EP showcases Josh’s impressive vocals and guitar talents as well as other talented musicians from the area. The saxophone in The Weight as well as Scars, played by Jake Fabian and Will Schade give the song a very jazzy feel, an influence which carries throughout the whole EP. Josh puts on a great and emotion filled live show, which has been seamlessly transitioned into recording, a feat which has been proven to be difficult for some musicians. The drums played by Richie Straub, give the record a very solid rhythm and groove. You can tell the lyrics come from a place of true emotion and are heartfelt, an incredibly important quality to posses. Influenced by Manchester Orchesta, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, and Al Green among others, this EP is definitely a highlight for the local Philly music scene.

You can listen to From Within on Spotify, or download it from all major music distributors. Check it out on Soundcloud:



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