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Kyle Lucas Shows NYC What He Is All About

Before his show at Webster Hall, we had the chance to sit down with Kyle Lucas and talk about tour, Marietta, and living life. Check it out below along with photos from the show.

Halfbeat- You just released your debut solo album, how does that feel?

Kyle – Good man feels good. Its been out for about a week now, its kinda surreal but its been a long time coming. Its picked up way more then i expected. I thought it was going to be like a pebble and not make a splash. I did not think it was going do what it did and even what it did is not crazy but to me its huge.

Halfbeat – So what was your biggest inspiration writing this album?

Kyle – Uhm well it took be about a year and a half so i went through some personal stuff during it so probably just my personal experiences, like when you listen to it it’s pretty personal. And my main goal was that i wanted to separate my myself from a mixtape rapper,  which i felt i built myself up as , you know, constantly proving you can rap and with hip hop being so competitive, I just wanted to take a step out and just write songs. All the hooks and structures are very different from my mixtape albums, where its just me rapping for nine minutes and just trying to prove that I can rap. I just wanted the whole album to be one experience.

kyle lucas-6

Halfbeat – You named the album Marietta, your home town, how come you went with that?

Kyle – I felt like it was consistent theme with all of my other work, like with Always Sunny In Marietta: 1, Always Sunny 2, and Fear and Loathing In Marietta, and I felt with Marietta, Georgia: The Album, it kept with the story. It like cracks me up now when like i was down in Australia and I see kids rocking shirts that say Marietta, and they then associate that with me.

Halfbeat – How does it feel to be back on tour?

Kyle- Tiring, but it feels good man. I just got off tour with a friend of mine. So even when I’m not on tour with Jonny, or anyone else I just feel like I’m always on tour, and I think that is what delayed the album so much.

Halfbeat – Do you enjoy being on tour more or being at home?

Kyle – As I’m getting older I honestly enjoy staying home more,  but I do enjoy the shows. That one hour is like what makes all the bullshit worth it. When I perform I get the same feeling I get when I make music. It sucks when your touring and your breaking your back and no ones coming to the show but when you pack a room and your talking to all these kids its like the high that recharges you for the next day.

kyle lucas-10

Halfbeat – You just released your video for “Veritas” with Jonny. How was recording that?

Kyle – Well what happened was I just got home from Salt Lake City and then I get a call from my manager saying I need to be back in Salt Lake at 6 A.M. But we got there we shot for 24 hours straight in the salt flats in Utah. I ruined my boots but it looked like I was on the moon, it was a whirlwind experience and everything worked out great. Everything just came together perfectly.

Interview by Emily Famularo. Photos by Zach Foerst


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