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Sonnder Music Update

Band Photo: Brian Walker

Local band Sonnder continues their ambitious and successful monthly singles project with their single New Direction, out today! Sonnder has given Halfbeat an exclusive first look at the new single! Check it out here: This single is also featuring Josh Miller on guitar. Throughout the year Sonnder has released a single (sometimes two) every month, leading up to a full length album to be released in 2016, with a show at a location that has yet to be determined! They are stirring up quite a response from local press. Such as Radio 104.5, and WXPN’s The Key. Sonnder has a halloween show and costume party coming up at Boot and Saddle on October 31st at 7pm. for the release of their Silhouettes single also for the month of October. They are extremely excited to be welcomed back at Radio 104.5 for another live at 5 broadcast in support of the monthly singles project. Tune in on October 23rd at 5pm. They have also welcomed a new member to their band. Steve Iannettoni, of notable local band We Speak In Sounds, who will be stepping in as their new bass player. Sonnder has plenty of exciting shows and announcements coming in the near future.

Check them out on Facebook and Soundcloud:


Halloween show with Toy Cities, Awakening Mercury, and Las Full Measure:


Design: Dan Jordan

Illustration: Dave Young


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