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Leah Nobel Announces New EP

Leah Nobel announced the release of her new EP just last week.

The award winning indie artist released Just Like Sunday on September 15th of this year. The EP is part of the 2nd half of her Double EP Project, which was created and funded via Kickstarter to show two stories: melancholy, with the first of the two, Strangers Again, and lightheartedness with Just Like Sunday.

Just Like Sunday does just that. In the ways of lightheartedness, it captures an essence of sound that feels like a warm spring day and an open field. The tracks off of this EP are fun, mixing pop and folk to create a rich, textured sound.

In comparison to previous EPs and tracks, Just Like Sunday finds a lot of its musical prowess from jazzy instruments – especially in tracks “You Got Me (So Good),” as well as, “Radar.”

Nobel shows off her voice in these five tracks, each with tempting, dance-when-no-one-is-watching, feel good sounds. This EP is perfect for the fall season, and listeners should definitely check it out.

It is also available now on iTunes for purchase.


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