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Reasons to Listen to Reckless Serenade’s New EP

Reckless Serenade is back, and everyone should be talking about the pop/punk indie bands newest EP.

Out Here was released on September 18th of this year. The six track EP is a big step up in mature sound, including vocals and instrumentals, for Reckless Serenade; who were already in great shape. The group, all high school friends from Upstate New York, formed the 5-piece band in 2012, and named themselves after The Arctic Monkey’s song, “Reckless Serenade.” The members, Cory Brent – Vocals, Mark Neidhardt – Guitar, Steve Zeiss – Bass, Nick Sochan – Guitar, and Matt Ruggiero – Drums, all met at school, and the group clicked immediately.

Previous to Out Here, the band had also released previous EPs including Two Years Too Late, and Chasing Lights.

Out Here shows a sincerity that proves an immense amount of depth and passion from the group. “Pretty Monsters,” the track which the band released in June as a music video, shows a nice cohesiveness between the members. While it also allows for intense instrumental moments that gives the group a more collective sounding EP, one that flows nicely between tracks. Besides that, lead singer Cory Brent’s voice is to die for. Going between mature, paced lyrics like in “Overtime,” or switching to more upbeat, and “fun” vocal work in “Kerosene.”

This album is a must listen, solidifying Reckless Serenade as a group to continue to watch. Out Here is embracing the pop/punk indie attitude they’ve had from the start, just amplifying it, making it better – and each song equally as addictive as the last.

I assure you this EP needs to be on repeat for you starting now.

Check out “Pretty Monsters” on youtube.

The album is available for download on iTunes as well!



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