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Interview with Bird

Why the title, ‘Bird’?

Figments of our imagination – is really a title inspired by the songs…Every song is a little representation of the thoughts in my head. But, they also represent thoughts we all have, or know of, so it felt right to choose “our” instead of mine…I hope that people listen to the tracks and can find their own connection, for me that’s what a good song writer should always be achieving with a track.

When & Why did you start playing?

I started playing cello aged 6, mainly because a teacher at school offered us violin or cello lessons, everyone wanted to play the violin so I started feeling more curious about the other choice, and there started a continuing love of cello…

Describe your favorite instrument & why.

Has to be’s the instrument that’s been in my life the longest and has allowed me to grow into the musician I am today, in some ways I feel it trained me..

What is your least favorite instrument to play?

Guitar, I love it but my hand jut doesn’t want to make the shape it needs for playing chords after all these years as a cellist, it’s always a little awkward and painful. I’m happy to play in the studio, but it’s rare to see me play one live!

You just played at Rockwood, in NYC, how did that go?

It was a great night, the venue, while small, has a fantastic sound and the band I used for NYC were brilliant so it made it a pleasure to sing and play the tracks

How does it feel now that Figments of Our Imagination is out?

Not much different to when it wasn’t out! You feel different the moment your album is mastered and finished…it’s a sort of closure then…now I’m just having fun, playing the tracks live and promoting it.

As your third album, what has changed for you?

I’m more openminded and braver now as a musician, which comes from confidence, which comes from making enough music previously to have learned some valuable lessons

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Music isn’t a job for me, it’s part of me so the rest of life has to fit around music.

What makes a good song, in your opinion?

Something people are able to connect with easily.  Something with a story or strong intent, and of course for me, a catchy melody.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Listen to the advice of others, but always go with your gut, no one will ever know your art better than you proud of that.

Interview by Emily Famularo


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