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The CMDWN Release New Single

The multi-genre band, The CMDWN, just released their newest single on September 14th, 2015.

The band recently partnered with Purevolume to release the single, “For The Last Time,” along with a background video to accompany. This single comes after the previous release of the single, “High,” which happened earlier in the summer.

The CMDWN can be described as taking in influences from rock, R & B, and some have even said that The CMDWN is reminiscent of The Neighbourhood. “For The Last Time,” is a smooth, date night playlist song that is, essentially, focusing on that feeling of finding the “one.”

The CMDWN had this to say about the single, “‘For The Last Time’ is a perfect representation of the newer influences we are bringing into our hardcore roots. The song focuses on finding the right one later in life, rather than the first love or a fleeting one. At the same time, it can have a duality in its meaning, of falling into a life-long habit. Love, or otherwise…

Now, these new songs are a big departing from earlier hardcore influences – but, this is not a bad thing. Instead, it feels refreshing and exciting. Those hardcore influences are, actually, still present as well.

Besides these two new singles, The CMDWN recently went to work in L.A. on a future new album. For more announcements and news you can check The CMDWN out on one of their websites below.







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