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Artist to Follow: Bird

If there is an artist to be watching this year, it is most definitely Bird.

Bird, otherwise known as Janie Price, is a singer-song writer and multi-instrumentalist who is set to release her third album, Figments of Our Imagination. The album was released on September 18th, 2015.

The amazing thing about this album is that Bird plays every single recorded instrument on the album. The singer-song writer also just released a music video, earlier in the week, for the lead track, “Dare.” Bird had this to say about the mesmerizing and phantom like track:

“It’s is about the invisible line along which we all walk and the video was directed by a dear friend who wanted to explore the concept of isolation the song also suggests.  In the video I’m being followed and observed, but I don’t know it. I’m pleading for my sanity, but no one is really listening.”

 Bird just recently played at Rockwood, NYC on Wednesday, debuting some of her songs from the new album.

Keep reading about Bird on one of these websites, otherwise look forward to an interview here on Halfbeat later in the week!




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