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Night Drive Latest Released Single From Kylsea’s New Album

New wave, psychedelic rock band Kylsea just shared their third track from their upcoming album, Exhausting Fire.

This being their third studio album, Kylsea has also released two songs off the track previously, “Lost and Confused,” and “Shaping the Southern Sky.” This latest track, “Night Drive,” is now available for listeners on soundcloud.

Phillip, of Kylsea, had this to say on their websites biography about the upcoming album:

“Every album of ours has a theme. Static Tension was about tension, Spiral Shadow was about distance and Ultraviolet was loss. Exhausting Fire is all about rebuilding. The band was going through hard times; our tour cycle was hard, we were questioning where we were at and we had to rebuild ourselves as a band, push forward and work on our own foundations so as not get stuck. That contributed to how hard we worked on this record.”

Kylsea, as a group, has experience much growth through trials and errors that many groups go through; and, this new album is a testament to how far the band has progressed while also staying true to their roots.

Keep looking forward to Kylsea’s new album, which is set to release October 2nd of this year via Season of Mist.


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