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The Wonder Years – No Closer To Heaven Review

The Wonder Years are pulling at our heart-strings again, with what seems to be another conceptive album. With the release of the first two singles off their album No Closer To Heaven, it was clear that we could expect a lot of tears from TWY. Some recurring themes come into play with “Cardinals” and “Cigarettes & Saints”, such as sampling their own music, and the march style drumming. Not only has this band evolved greatly in terms of content in their music, their musicianship has also excelled beyond what anyone could have imagined. This is one of those albums you put on and play all the way through on the highest volume possible (and sing along and cry). The Brothers & intro sets a somber tone for the album, seamlessly transitioning into “Cardinals”, where we hear the recurring line “we’re no saviors if we can’t save our brothers” which has stirred some arguments about who these songs are written for/about. The maturity of this album has blown peoples minds, and this album is resonating so deeply with everyone. It is going to be incredible to see them play these songs live on their upcoming tour.

The fall tour begins September 9th in Brooklyn, NY and later on in the tour Motion City Soundtrack will be joining them for most of the tour along with dates with State Champs and You Blew It! Tour dates and tickets can be purchased here:




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