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New Artist Spotlight – Rob Crews

A new solo artist by the name of Rob Crews is emerging from Jersey. Rob has spent his recent musical career playing with a fairly well known local band called We Speak In Sounds, and has recently decided to go solo. I sat down with Rob to talk about his new solo endeavors, and what it’s like to be the only man on stage.
Rob talked a bit about what made him decide to go solo, and the differences between playing with a full band and just being on his own. He says he likes playing on his own because it gives him full control over his creative process, and the ability to control what he puts out more than anything. He admits to getting a lot more nervous now than he did playing with We Speak, because now all eyes are on him and he doesn’t get the security blanket of other people being there with him, but also that he’s really able to get into playing and get lost in the moment. Rob looks up to musicians such as John Mayer and Ed Sheeran for their ability to make it as the only man on stage, and have successful careers as such.
We also talked about the subject matter of his music, and how it is starting to evolve going into the future. Much of Rob’s music has been love songs but he says that’s not usually what he writes about, but what he was feeling at the moment. His music going forward is going to have a bit different of a vibe, and be more about how he just feels weird about life.
Rob recently finished filming a new music video which should be out in the next few weeks, and is just playing lots of open mic nights trying to get his music out. He’s a fantastic vocalist and musician and we’re going to be keeping a close eye on him.
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  1. Rob Crews is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

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