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As Temples Collide Feature Dani Nelli on New Single “Endgame”

Metalcore band As Temples Collide released their latest single “Endgame” at the top of this week featuring Upon This Dawning’s Dani Nelli. The track premiered with Revolver magazine and can be seen here. Along with the track release, the single also has a lyric video which can be watched on YouTube. The release of the single was fueled by a lot of things going on in the band member’s lives, guitarist Jairo Peralta said “When we first wrote this song, we had all been through some rough experiences in our lives so this was kind of our way to release those feelings not only lyrically, but instrumentally, as well.”

As Temples Collide, who come from South Carolina, believe that they follow a path, and no matter the obstacle, nothing could stop them from achieving their dreams. They use music in its purest form, as an art to provide visuals of performance, on and off the stage. They create music that they can be proud of and that their fans can relate to on three levels: lyrically, visually, or instrumentally. Check out “Endgame” above or on iTunes now.

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Words By Tiffany Taylor


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