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A Night In The Pinelands

When you think of the New Jersey Motorsports Park, what do you think of?

Corndogs, bright sun, hot days, the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber, but not music. Well last weekend that all changed when the first ever Pinelands Music Festival came to Millville, NJ. With a line up consisting of names like hellogoodbye, X Ambassadors, The Spill Canvas, and The Early November, the fest was sure to be an instant success.

The Spill Canvas

The Spill Canvas

As the gates opened at 2pm fans rushed over the bridge and through the front gate. rushing to the stages or rushing to fight off the already overwhelming heat. Starting off the day was, Stellar Young, the indie 5 piece singing songs about everyday life and growing old. Through-out the day the heat only grew stronger and stronger but that didn’t stop bands from performing like, You Me & Everyone We Know, even resulted to taking off their pants, (sorry Blink-182 fans they kept the jacket on.)

You Me & Everyone We Know

You Me & Everyone We Know

The rest of the day went smoothly besides a little delay here and there but thats expected. The night started to wind down as the Headliners took the stage bringing the crowd, and even some vendors/ staff all gathered around the main stage to watch them close out the night. After everything all i can say is I will see you next year Pinelands!


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