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Greg Graffin Shares Song “Faith Alone”

Last week, singer and songwriter Greg Graffin shared his new song “Faith Alone”, that inspired his new book, “Population Wars.” The full series includes “My Poor Friend Me”, “The Answer”, and “Changing Tide” and are all available on a limited edition 7-inch which is available for pre-order with “Population Wars” at “Faith Alone” can be found on SoundCloud through Epitaph records here.

To sum up his new book, he writes about his firm standing as a preeminent thinker on the volatile intersection of science and religion, morality and popular culture. Many people cannot put things of such nature into words as eloquently as Graffin can. It is also noteworthy to mention his connection as the renowned singer for Bad Religion and how he currently serves as a lecturer in evolution at Cornell. Overall Graffin is quite the amazing person. “Population Wars” is the follow up to 2010’s book “Anarchy Evolution” which also discusses the collision between religion and evolution. With the release of this new book, Graffin will take on a series of live appearances. He will go in depth with his relationship in the sphere of music, academics, and relationship of song lyrics and topics discussed in his book. Each event will feature live acoustic performances and spoken words and a Q&A segment. All the dates for this are shown below. “Population Wars” is out on September 15th.

Greg Grafffin Population Wars: an event to celebrate the release of his new book: 


Fri 9/18/15 Washington, DC – Rock N Roll Hotel

Sat 9/19/15 Philadelphia, PA – Coda

Sun 9/20/15 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater

Wed 9/23/15 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater

Fri 9/25/15 Los Angeles – Bootleg

Sun 9/27/15 Santa Ana CA – Constellation

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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