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The Captain, The Pilot, The Driver Local Residency

During the month of August, local musician Paul Hyconec will be sharing his talents at Bourbon and Branch (N 2nd Street, Philadelphia) every Friday night. Sharing the stage with an incredibly talented group of musicians, and sharing the evening with a different set of opening bands every Friday. Each show varies in overall vibe.


On August 7th, Paul held the first show of his residency at B&B, a bar/venue many local Philly bands play, and enjoy coming back to. Opening bands Chipbreakers, Band Of Rivals, and Yankee Blood set the tone for the evening, providing for a lively set from The Captain, The Pilot, The Driver to follow. The first night of Paul’s residency was a success, as expected, and the rest of this month should go just as well.

Check them out Friday August 14th with: Solar, Josh Miller, and John Gilbride.

August 21st with: Birthday Boy, The Sixties, Solus Rex.

August 28th with: John Fay, Family Vacation, Lou.


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