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Rise Against Shows The Strength To Go On

Photo by Zach Foerst

What happens when you combine punk music and an ocean view? Nothing more then a incredible night at Asbury Park’s legendary Stone Pony. Last weekend the Summer Stage was graced with the presence of Letlive, Killswitch Engage, and Rise Against. As the doors opened atfive the crowd rushed in to grab the closest spot they could to the front. An hour goes by and the first band takes the stage.


Photo by Zach Foerst

Fronted by Jason Butler, Letlive took over from the moment they entered the stage to the moment they left. The amount of energy and emotion put into their set is incredible and is something that you can only understand by being there. From running around, climbing the amps swallowing the mic, and stage diving, Jason doesn’t ever put the same show on twice.


Photo by Zach Foerst

Killswitch Engage was up next, and they proved to us that with age they only get better. Playing a huge set the guys brought only more energy to the already buzzing crowd. Even their softer songs got the crowd going. Then it was the moment everyone was waiting for. Rise Against took the stage, opening the night with, “The Great Die-Off,” a hit off their newest album, got the crowd going crazy for what could only be the prefect show. About halfway through the set they took a second and Tim explained how growing up all he wanted to be was Lou Keller from Sick Of It All, and well you guessed it. Lou Keller gets called out on stage to sing with them for a cover of, “Built To Last.” Towards the end they slowed it down to perform, “Hero of War,” and “Swing Life Away,” only to bring the energy right back with “Dancing For Rain,” and finally closing the night with, “Savior.” If you missed this leg of the tour don’t worry, They will be back around later this year.

Words and Photos by Zach Foerst


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