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Interview with Lynn Gunn Of Pvris

Photo by Zach Foerst

Where are you guys from?

We’re from the Boston area but we’re all kind of scattered out a little bit.

You guys played here last year, so how was it going from a smaller stage last year to playing the main stage this year?

It’s a lot crazier because we had like one song out last year and this year we have a whole record. People actually give a shit this year, so it’s very different, even walking through the crowds and everything.


Photo by Zach Foerst

Was it cool doing that cover of “Talking Body” for BBC Radio?

Yeah! It was so nerve-racking, we were so nervous. They gave us a countdown right before we came on and said there was 6 million people listening and “3, 2, 1” and we were like “Cool thanks guys” hahaha.

Has this all kind of happened pretty fast for you guys?
Um it seems like that to a lot of people but everything has kind of came together pretty quickly. We started in 2012.

Do you write the music yourself or does everyone collectively come together?

I’ll do majority of it, and then once we bring it into the studio the boys will put their touches on and the producer will put their touches on.


Photo by Zach Foerst

Where do you pull your influences from?

Everything. Mostly sad and angry things.

Are you guys writing anything new right now?

Oh yeah, I can’t say when it will come but we have things ready to go so fairly soon.

How often do you switch the set list up, if at all?

Today we’re switching it up. We actually have more time on stage today so we’re adding a song in.


Photo By Zach Foerst

When you were growing up is this what you’ve always wanted to do?

I had plans for my parents to make them happy, to go to art school and go to college and do the whole nine yards. And deep down I always wanted to do this. Always working for it on the DL or on the side while I was doing school or things like that. Right before I went to school I told my mom I wasn’t doing this, I couldn’t go, so she was like “Okay, well get a job and be able to take care of myself” so I said okay and didn’t go to college, just got a job and started working on it. I think it worked out pretty well, fingers crossed it keeps working out pretty well.

Any advice you can give artists who are up and coming?

Earn your stripes, work really hard, do n’t get cocky, and don’t get a big head. Keep working for it, keep pushing for it, and as long as you keep envisioning it and keep working for it you can do crazy things you don’t think you could probably do.


Interview by Tiffany Taylor


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