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Neon Trees Energizes The District On A Monday Night

On a bleak Monday, business professionals were waiting to get off of their 9-5 to attend another great show at The 9:30 Club. Neon Trees has managed to consistently gain a large listenership in Washington DC, establishing a great, dedicated fan base. This Provo, Utah pop-rock band has been electrifying audiences with their energetic live performances, selling out show after show on their nation-wide tours. Frontman Tyler Glenn manages to always get audience members off their feet for a dynamic performance and a night to remember.

Managing to sell out a show at The 9:30 Club is an accomplishment itself, with it being one of the best venues in America according to Rolling Stones Magazine. Neon Trees has managed to sell out the venue at it’s 1,200 capacity for the past several years while putting on fun live shows for the nation’s capital. Last Monday, Neon Trees had managed to put on yet again, another stellar performance. Opening up the night with “Songs I Can’t Listen To”, Glenn had the venue off their feet and had the audience singing along to every word. Adding songs such as “Calling My Name” and “Moving in the Dark” to the setlist, the band had the venue shaking with enthusiasm with every single lyric. When the hit song, “Animal” played, the crowd went absolutely wild, belting every lyric passionately with Tyler Glenn.

If you have not seen Neon Trees live, you are truly missing out. This pop-rock band has the ability to put on live shows unlike any other band the staff at Halfbeat Magazine has seen. Make sure to check them out when they come to a city near you.

1) Songs I Can’t Listen To
2) Sins of My Youth
3) Calling My Name
4) Your Surrender
5) In the Next Room
6) 1983
7) Animal
8) Moving in the Dark
9) Lessons in Love
10) Mad Love
11) Still Young
12) Love in the 21st Century
13) First Things First
14) Sleeping With a Friend
15) Everybody Talks
16) Come On Eileen


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