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Northlane’s Third Installment Out Today

PromoImage-5Australian metalcore band, Northlane, is expecting their third studio album, Node, to debut this Friday, July 24th, 2015. Coming away from huge success thanks to their second full-length album, Singularity, which debuted in February 2013, Northlane’s third album has a lot to live up to.

Node, in comparison to Singularity, and Discoveries, has achieved a much more mature progressive metal sound, one that insights change with heavy hitting instrumentals and riffs. The maturity of this album seemed to be achieved by the changes the band underwent as then vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes resigned from the band due to health reasons, and Marcus Bridge entered after winning an open call audition.

Bridge’s range and talent then allowed primary songwriter Jon Deiley more freedom than ever before – “Rot” was released days after his arrival to the band. Northlane is a band remade, allowing them to rise from themselves like a phoenix from ash. Node exudes anger and compassion from all of its members; while the lyrics are direct, loud and heavy hitting.

Change is scary, but for Northlane, change has created a new, exciting and refreshing beginning in the metalcore scene.

Node is available for purchase on iTunes when it debuts today.

Words by Emily Famularo


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