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The Summerland Tour Take Over Morristown

For the past four years, Art Alexakis has been putting together a yearly summer tour branded as, “Summerland.” Headlined by his band, Everclear, the 2015 line up consists of Fuel, Toadies, and American Hi-Fi. On Sunday the guys took the Mayo Performing Arts Center and transformed it from its ushered seating, high-end bar, and balcony seating, into a full blown “Standing Room Only,” show. As Brett Scallions put it, ” I don’t care where it says you have to sit. You come up here and fill this up like a real rock show!” From start to finish every band managed to get everyone out of their seats to sing along with all of their hits. If this tour is coming by you, its one your not going to want to miss. And if you think that you don’t know any of these bands, look them up and listen to their top tracks you’ll be surprised at how much you know!

Dates and Tickets here!

Words and photos by Zach Foerst


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