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Pierce The Veil Releases New Track “The Divine Zero”

If you did not already know (and you definitely should), Pierce The Veil dropped their latest single “The Divine Zero” last thursday and it is already number one on the iTunes Rock Chart. The taste this song leaves on your tongue is going to leave you begging for more as it just screams what Pierce The Veil used to be and hopefully what they are progressing towards. The single is meant to give fans a glimpse of what the band has been working on and what their upcoming album is going to be like. I don’t know about you guys but given the band hasn’t released anything new since their 2012 release, Collide With The Sky, this single completely blows it out of the water. It could not have been a more perfect time for the release either given the band just finished up their world tour with Sleeping With Sirens and now plans to take on Vans Warped Tour for the rest of the summer which will be great exposure for the new track.

In the midst of all this touring and new music, Vic Fuentes has been nominated for “Best Vocalist” for the Alternative Press Music Awards this year and guitarist Tony Perry was also nominated for “Best Guitarist” so feel free to share your love for the band and vote for them here: As one of the fastest and most upcoming pop/rock bands in the scene today, Pierce The Veil has been killing it, creating a remarkable fan base and reaching so many people in such a short amount of time. The new song “The Divine Zero” can be found below and be sure to check out Pierce The Veil at your local Warped Tour this summer.

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Words By Tiffany Taylor


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