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MC Lars Prepares to Release The Zombie Dinosaur LP October 6th

Late last week, MC Lars announced that he will be releasing his new album The Zombie Dinosaur LP this fall on October 6th, 2015 via Horris Records. Now, if you know MC Lars, you know that he is capable of the weird and outright outlandish, which I mean just read the title of the album. Listeners can expect to hear infectious tunes that are, what he hopes to be, some of his best beats yet. As an artist who has been putting out records and touring since 98, it is hard to keep people interested and excited for new releases. As Lars said himself “I feel like a dinosaur because I’ve been doing this so long, but I also feel like I’ve gotten better and better each year. You could also say that I’m a zombie in the sense that my rhymes and beats are more infectious with every release, and if you are there when you hear my spit, you’ll forever be converted and changed (much like the result of being bitten by a zombie). #metaphors.” Many of his tracks come from true thoughts and effort, as Lars is an alum from Stanford University, he uses his knowledge of Shakespeare and conveys that in his songs, specifically in the song “Dragon Blood”.

As mentioned before, Lars kicked off his career in the 90’s using punk pop rap as his main theme. His first album dropped in 2004 (Laptop EP) and ever since then has been revered as a very important punk/emo voice in the hip-hop game. MC Lars has been attending Vans Warped Tour on and off over the years and will be back for summer 2015’s tour. Expect a sneak preview of his new material all over the country this summer and a tour following the release of The Zombie Dinosaur LP this fall following its release.

For anymore information regarding MC Lars and tour dates:

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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