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Redlands Premiere New Song, “Leather Boots”

Denver natives, Redlands are back and brought a brand new track for us to listen to! “Leather Boots,” is the fourth track to be released off of their upcoming EP, Adventurer. Check out the song at GroundSounds here:

Lead singer Ben Lohle explains, “I don’t write songs about anybody or anything in particular usually so I can’t really give a definite meaning to it. I want people to take from my music what they will, but I guess if you asked me what this song means to me at this moment in time it’s about confronting yourself, and taking on life and everything it throws at you.” He continues, “This song kind of reflects my experience recording in Arizona, taking the leap into the “unknown” and creating songs, regardless of what doubts I might’ve had.”

Adventurer, will be released digitally on July 14th on all major platforms, but fans can pick up a physical copy of the album at their shows or online at their store.


REDLANDS Official Sites



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