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The Story So Far’s Self Titled Album- Review

This upcoming tuesday, The Story So Far is releasing their third album from Pure Noise Records. The self-titled record is exactly what you would expect from The Story So Far: pure punk gold and an album that if you didn’t already love the band, you are bound to fall in love now. It features ten tracks, beginning with “Smile” and ending with “Stalemate”, each a different type of sound that all flows back to a central idea- creating quite possibly their best album yet. Using their incredible vocal dynamics and bold beats and riffs, highlighting every instrument and person in the group, especially in the track “How You Are”, it is apparent to see the incredible precision the band has been able to achieve. 10425470_10153075162695943_4679947329963687322_n

Compared to their past two LP’s they have had over the past four years, the way this record stands out on it’s own is the memorable hooks, whether that be from a lyrical or a sound standpoint, something draws you in every single song. Prime examples of that would be in “Nerve” or “Heavy Gloom”, both making fans (and myself) want to scream along. What is also to love about the album is how The Story So Far never fails to make anything they do relatable. Everything the band has ever done- they make it about the music and the fans. Over the past 5 years, they went from underground nobodies to becoming predecessors of huge names like Blink 182 and Green Day.

Since formed in 2007, members Parker Cannon (vocals), Kelen Capener (bass), Kevin Geyer (guitar), William Levy (guitar), and Ryan Torf (drums) have been going non-stop with putting out music. It does not really matter where The Story So Far came from, for technical terms Walnut Creek, CA, but it matters what they did and that was revive the pop-punk scene and make it their own. What began as a bunch of kids in the neighborhood playing just some cool jams has turned into something so much more: The Story So Far. The album, The Story So Far, will be available for purchase May 19th, 2015. The album is already streaming at

The band will also be on tour with Four Year Strong, Terror, and Souvenirs through the month of May and June, check out the dates here:

For More Information:

Words By Tiffany Taylor 


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